It's On The Sleeve EP

by Tom Teslik

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released December 6, 2011

Produced, performed, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Tom Teslik in Madison, WI, Sept-Dec 2011.
Artwork by Claire Michelle Miller.
Package/layout by John Kruse.
"Away" and "At the End of the Day" written by Tom Teslik.
"Heart of Gold" and "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" written by Neil Young.
"Where Is My Mind?" written by Black Francis.

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Thanks to: Bessie Cherry & The Project Lodge, Mom, Dad, Jeremy Suman, John Kruse, Claire Michelle Miller, Meteorade-mates Ben Knollenberg+Nathan Schaefer+Krista Rasmussen, Jason Lambeth a.k.a. el-tin fun, Arc Find old friends Luke Lester and Zach DeBlaey, Hannah Cutts, Alex Roth, Andrew Gallas, Nina Reynolds, Janelle Burnham, Connie Jordan Lambeth, Wes Doyle, Elsa Nekola, In The Kitchen r.i.p.?, Chris Darby, Julius Otto, Corey Murphy, Luke Annear, Pushmi-Pullyu, Fambly Fun!, Eric Caldera a.k.a. Oedipus Tex, Tyler Fassnacht, Claire Nelson-Lifson, Giant People, Kenny Monroe, Jackie Kursell, Shawn Pierce, Pioneer, Joel Shanrahan, Charles Barrows, Icarus Himself, CONTROL, Asumaya a.k.a. Luke Bassuener, Ben Cameron + Studio B, Ben Willis, Pat Reinholz, The Weather Duo, Randall Luecke, Crane Your Swan Neck, Andrew Berry & Taylor Stepien, Killer Dolphin With Rabies, Peter Charles Allen, Steve Maule, Ian Lambach, IS WORLD, Superfan, Stacey Lansing, Wyndham Manning, Whilden Hughes, Mickey's Tavern & Liz Granby, The Frequency, Mildred's Sandwiches, Burrito Drive, Ale Asylum, whoever I forgot, and you.




Tom Teslik Madison, Wisconsin

Tom plays guitar, bass, drums, keys, sings, and writes original pop, rock, and instrumental music.

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